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Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to stop credit card offers in the mail

If you're like me, you're tired of getting endless credit card offers in the mail.  While I'm a fan of the Unites States Postal Services and certainly want them to stay in business, I'm tired of dealing with credit card offers I don't want and never go for.  I'm the type who shops for stuff online when I want it.  I finally decided to read the fine print on a Discover card offer and it directed me to an online opt out site called www.OptOutOnline.com.  It's legit, so I'm directing you all there.

If you want to opt out of catalogs and other direct mail offers, check out www.DMAChoice.org.  Read up on both at their respective websites.  In some cases, you will have to write to companies directly if you have ever ordered from them in the past.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do we like Skye more now that she's Quake on Marvel's Agents of Shield?

Taking Skye from hot female hacker trope woman to Quake has its positive points.  Many discussed, including my husband and I, that she is the "Mary Sue" of Marvel's Agents of Shield both literally and figuratively.  She talked about having been at St. Agnes (the same convent where Daredevil was raised).  It was there that the nuns renamed her Mary Sue Poots.  I sometimes wish I made this stuff up!  I admit that I was not actually the first to notice this about her.  We see just about everything through her eyes.  She's got this annoying level of wide-eyed innocence and everyone tries to protect her.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Can plastic surgery go too far?

I just watched Ana Kasparian and some guests discuss that its basically fine to have plastic surgery.  In some ways I agree.  But I disagree that it's not hurting anyone.  It may help someone feel better about themselves for awhile, but it's not a guarantee of future happiness.  I'm sure you're wondering why I would say such a thing.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Diet Savvy - The Mayo Clinic Diet Sucks

If you're like me, you have reason to be concerned about your weight.  I decided to read up on as many diets as possible to see where these diets fail and where they work.  I can' help but notice that there is an inherent prejudice toward dieters.  We are fat because of specific reasons, according to the Mayo Clinic diet.  And if you don't fit those reasons, I'm wondering if you can actually be helped by this diet.  I got totally stuck at the opening quiz because I could not answer that ANY of these were my problem:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daredevil doesn't have much Hell in the Hell's Kitchen of 2015

In case any of you watched the recent release of Daredevil on Netflix, it was pretty fun.  But there are some historical (and even social) context issues that were bothering myself and another blogger.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

For girls who pine for archaic courting times

Things were so much better 100 years ago.  Women were courted with respect, right?  Well, maybe not.  And maybe naughty.  Relationships were sometimes much the same as they are today - confusing as heck.  And sometimes, even men from what we all imagine were simpler and more pure times would definitely not live up to your expectations.  Even then, there were plenty of dude who just wanted to take advantage.  As you already know, I'm not against going out with a guy in PUBLIC to see what he's about.  If he makes reference to the kinds of things on these cards, ditch him fast.

James L. Gallas, Kissing Rogue

See more questionable acquaintance cards...

Do you need an aquaintance card?

Before Facebook, online dating, and even before those dark times of Friendster, how on earth did people meet?  Why, with the acquaintance card.  It's just like the old classroom note, "Do you like me?  Circle YES/No."  But this is better.  Perhaps it might go over well at church.  Of course, I found that at church, men were afraid to ask a woman out unless god gave them a sign that they ought to be married instead of just going out for the heck of it and having a nice conversation with no strings.

See more cards...

Hey Missouri, since when are steak and seafood so fancy?

This is what happens when a bunch of dudes who don't do the shopping for their families make the decisions about what people can and can't buy.  In Missuori, lawmakers seek to ban the purchase of "cookies, chips, energy drinks, soft drinks, seafood or steak."

My question is quite simple... since when are steak and seafood "luxury" items?  1 lb of hamburger goes for about $5.99 per pound and some cuts of beef cost about that.  Buy that meat in a family pack and its even less.  If you want a leaner meat, you're going to pay a higher price.  If you've been shopping lately, you know this.  And hamburger has many opportunities to be tainted at some point in processing.  In other words, it's not very good for you. So, what steak do we mean?  Just filet mignon?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Can you "Live Below The Line" on $1.50 per day?

Recently there has been a lot of attention directed at food stamps and food stamp recipients. Mostly, people are concerned about the abuse of government benefits.  But the world poverty line is even lower than you'd expect.  Many people only have $1.50 a day to spend on food.  April 27 to May 1 many people will try to do just that.  Live on $1.50 per day through the Live Below The Line Challenge.  You can also choose to donate to groups such as Heifer International, The Hunger Project, and Poverty International.  The kids at my church put money in a piggy bank so they can sponsor a poor beast for Heifer International.

Personally, I think this is better than the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Anyone can dump a bucket of ice over their heads.  ALS is a rare disease.  World hunger is more universal.  I think I might actually just go ahead with a donation.  Commit to the plan with friends so you can pool our resources.  It always goes a little farther that way.  Unfortunately, there's just the two of us, so we get $15. 

Some ideas:

Ramen noodle diet:
I can't use this option because I think I might be undiagnosed with Celiac disease considering the amount of problems I've had from eating wheat products.  If you search around, you can get Ramen noodles for as low as 25 cents each.  You can buy a dozen eggs to add some protein, cabbage for some vitamins, and some Sriracha rooster sauce for flavor.  This actually can get expensive and the high salt content is not very good for you.

Lotsa Pasta
Similar to the Ramen noodle diet, you can buy plenty of pasta for relatively little coin and get multiple servings.  However, if you are restricted from eating wheat products, this is not for you.

Tacos Mexico plan:
$5       1 family pack of chicken drumsticks (usually $1 a pound for conventionally raised caged fowl.)
$2       Family pack of tortillas (Less if we made from scratch.)
$2       Brown rice
$1       Farmer's market cabbage

$1.50  Farmer's Market carrots (ditto)
$1       Spices from home, jalapenos, garlic
$1       3 Onions
$1.50 soft tomatoes (cheaper at the Farmer's market

Unfortunately, the stuff I was trying to grow will not be ready for the challenge.  This would not necessarily save costs, since you are supposed to account for any expenses, such as water. You can use things you already have, but you have to account for their costs.  In a way, this isn't fair. If you buy some bulk pack at Costco, you are not going to have the same costs per pound.  Since my current family is only 2 people, I can't justify bulk purchasing on that level.

The smaller your "group" the harder this is.  If you have a large family, you can buy more food to distribute with a greater number of people, hence the cost per person goes down dramatically.  This makes the food stamp challenge alot more realistic.

Actually, I think I might need to give more thought to the diet for this week...  I'm obsessed with what I'm going to eat and if I really want my meals to be those things for an entire week. I'm also very concerned about sustainable and ethical sourcing.  Once I go with the $1 a pound chicken, I'm sure I'm taking a step down from free range and organic.

Anyone else thinking about this?  Drop me a comment.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The mysterious beer hangover and why I went gluten free

Go gluten free?  You're joking right????   Let me explain....

I recall complaining to a friend that I felt really hung over after having only one beer.  The response?  It was what you'd expect.  "Sure you only had one beer."  There was no point to insisting.  One beer does not equate with a hangover for the majority of people.  I had a mystery on my hands, and I didn't even know it.  I learned to stop complaining about these mystifying beer hangovers.  If people weren't going to believe me, there was no point in talking about it. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Flip This House Boston

Not feeling well and decided to watch some of the newish home design shows on the FYI channel and on the . I'm starting to wonder what the purpose of cable is.  It's like we're paying for public access television.

I just watched a houseflip where the design ideas just didn't make sense.  They had a unit with an upstairs and downstairs.  For the upstairs unit, they took the double doors off off of the old living room or dining room to turn it into the bedroom, cutting off the option for people to change it if they wished.  What if they only need two bedrooms and would have liked those double doors for better flow and ease of moving things in and out.  It didn't make sense. 

They redid the kitchen, but none of the new appliances matched the colors.  The new appliances were white and the cabinets were ivory.  They didn't even look very nice, and seemed to date back to the 1980s.  What's the point of doing it if you do it badly?  You can make a profit with things that look nice.

Actually, alot of these design shows do alot of things that don't make sense.  In updating to the latest trend, it will just look terribly dated in just a few years.  Today's granite counters are tomorrow's white formica.  Today's stainless steel is tomorrow's avocado.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sometimes there isn't the happy ending with the kids

2 years ago, I got married.  Congratulations to me.  What everyone wants shortly after marrying is to start a family.  Maybe not everyone, but most people.  What I learned is that you don't always get that.  Some people go to a fertility doctor and are able to get the help they need.  I have some friends who did this.  They learned they couldn't get pregnant because of low sperm motility, but with IVF (in-vitro fertilization) they now have three children.  It was a very emotionally painful process for them.  My friend couldn't understand why I didn't burn with envy at seeing her being a mommy with her children.  I thought my time would come.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

10 things I learned about going gluten free

There seem to be a number of people declaring that gluten is the source of great evil and causes inflammation in the body.  This inflammation is supposed to trigger an autoimmune response which leads to MORE inflammation as well as arthritis, infertility, allergies, and even weight gain.  So, the new thinking is that you ought to try a gluten-free diet just for a month and see how it makes you feel.  If you re-introduce wheat products and it causes no reaction then you have discovered that this isn't the cause of some of your health problems.  Since I'm one of those people who seems to gain weight without any effort despite a reasonable diet, I decided it was worth it.  I also have really horrible allergies which I have been hoping would improve.  Here's what I discovered:

Monday, December 1, 2014

Savvy timeshare sales presentation survival skills

They usually prefer married couples fora timeshare presentation.  But if you're single and make a certain level of income, then they will still take you. After all, you might have tons of friends who want to stay with you. You also might be a wealthy lawyer or a doctor. (Not that those people actually have time to get away.)  They are going to try to sell you on feelings and memories, as well as the potential for future feelings and memories.  I have many fond memories of time spent on vacation, some of it at actual timeshares.  Work this right and you will walk out with some prizes, work it wrong and you will find yourself a timeshare "owner."  Here's a little story...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Stuck in the friend zone? Rethink it.

Sometimes guys get angry that they are stuck in the friend zone.  Some even go so far as to feel they "deserve better" or are "owed" something more from the object of their affections.  Are they?  Please check out this video of a guy's slam poetry reading.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are contraceptives killing your dating life?

The pill made me sick.  I tried it to help control other medical conditions such as bad periods, and thought about it when I got married, but wouldn't go back to it if I could help it.  I never used contraceptives and I had a horrible time finding a suitable mate.  Although, I do think that if a women takes contraception, she becomes more likely to consider the option of dating a man just for now or consider having sex with someone they might not choose if they knew they might get pregnant if they had

Website connects Catholic young adults in New York City

If you signed up for email updates with Archdiocese of New York, you would already know about it.  This is one place in the Christian world with a forward-thinking attitude to help young adults meet through the power of an online website.  When I say meet, this isn't a dating website, but a place to find other inspiration such as a mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, a religious-oriented event, a Bible study, or even such mundane and worldly things as a roommate.  Those needing medical attention can even find a Catholic doctor for those who would prefer to be treated and advised within the tenets of their faith.

In case you didn't know, NYC is home to some of the largest cathedrals in the United States, filled to the brim with the faithful every Sunday.  If you are Catholic and living in New York City or thinking about moving to New York City, it's your go-to gateway to get plugged in.  Good luck!  It's a jungle out there.


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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Too entitled to be dateworthy? Or just young and foolish?

Is it Amazon that's killing a woman's Seattle sex life?  Maybe it is. Maybe it's not.  This article caused quite a stir with many people coming down on the writer of the article about her age or not being that cute anymore.  Well, a word about love - size, shape, age, and attractiveness often have nothing to do with finding love.  Being attractive can help, but that's not the root of Tricia Romano's dating woes.  It's a matter of men not developing their personalities because they think all women really want is money.  It's not true.  What Tricia Romano really wants is companionship and adventure.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sometimes I hate design shows like Fixer-Upper

Like all of us, I sometimes give in to the temptation of watching HGTV for kicks and caught an episode of a new show called Fixer-Upper.  It's good fun most of the time - except when the fixers have no concept about cool architecture.  For this post about fixing up an unsellable house, I feel like they went overboard on denegrading the old style, which was actually cool.  They found old photos of the house in its prime, minus the people.  They don't show all of the cool features of the house, but they do show some of them like the old fashioned wet bar, atrium, and loft.  Some of the stick with these midcentury houses was bringing the outdoors in.  And though the house was built in 1973, it seems much more like a late 1960s house.  You don't get to see the entry courtyard, but it is covered by a roof which has a hole for a tree to grow through.  Let's just say, if the house were in California, it would have had no problem selling at all.  It also looks like they updated a few things in the 1980s.  Also, let' just say that what the did to "update" the house is going to be just as dated in a few short years thanks to changing tastes and styles.  I'm still upset about the atrium being walled in.  And that they got rid of the multistory fireplace.  I wish this house had been on the market where we were looking.  We would have restored it.

Book Review: Diary of a Country Priest

Hey friends, I thought I'd try something new and review a book I found particularly moving in suprising ways.  I know what you're thinking if you're a Protestant...  Why read a book about a priest?  Well, it's not like that. I think, if you let yourself, you'll see that we have far more in common in regard to faith between Catholic and Protestant than some church leaders might lead you to believe.  My review: