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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your husband is not your soulmate

This blog post titled "My Husband Is Not My Soulmate is almost exactly what I have been trying to tell people.  God doesn't have a perfect plan for your life, and he won't get angry with you if you make a your own choices.  Dad's advice here is key,

you ought to develop yourself beyond waiting around for a husband and God's "perfect plan."  I said something similar about Kate Middleton (congrats on the royal baby!), who certainly has a good head on her shoulders.  She wouldn't be a suitable bride for a modern prince if she hadn't gone to college and worked in the family business.  Please check out  Successful at everything but relationships??? What would Kate Middleton say?

I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but the more people realize that God guides while we decide, the healthier they will be in relationships.  Sometimes God's "silence" can be interpreted as your time to make your own decisions.  Did any of you REALLY write letters to your future spouse???  It must have been a youth group activity from 2001 because I certainly didn't encounter it when I was in youth group or college group.

I'm not completely against the idea of soulmates, however, there have been times when people have decided that their soulmate was someone other than the person they married and that's very troublesome to me.  However, it's really sweet when Aunt Sylvia at 90-something congratulates you on getting married by saying. "You met your soulmate!"  After all, she was married to Papa Bernie for 65 years or something ridiculous like that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm going through a tough time and was encouraged by this,thank You!

SavvyD said...

So gald to hear! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. i don't get very many comments lately - though viewership is up.

Chris Collins said...

That is a very good point you said there :) Though I do believe that God's plan is perfect but to me, like you, that doesn't mean that He is controlling us like puppets giving us no freedom to make choices. He has already given His word on these things and His wisdom plus His wonderful Holy Spirit to lead us to discernment. The rest is up to us. One of the places that I like reading from is Oc Film. They have a blog on Christian dating and stuff that would surely inspire and help too. Yours is a very good one though! Thank you so much for sharing!